Why VBC Engineers?

VBC Engineers facilitate high performance network infrastructure that gives you high-speed redundancy. These connections come with a high redundant, load balanced backbone Internet connections. These connections come with high uptime of 99% and above, maximum availability

From the beginning the focus has been on speed, bandwidth and service to our customers and still is today. We offer a full suite of business and personal Internet services. A range of bandwidth and interface are available from 128kbps to 1000Mbps and above, allowing the service to be optimized to your particular requirements.

VBC leased line Internet connections provide a dedicated link between your site and our nearest Point of Presence (POP) connecting you to our high performance Internet backbone, providing your business with access to our carrier-grade Internet service. The leased lines or private circuits over which the bandwidth is provided are permanently connected to our network offering high levels of performance, reliability and security